Bread & Butter - Psycho World LP                            

Released September 25, 2020

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Artist Information

Label: Killroom Records

Genre: power pop

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Influences: The Equals, The Kinks, Cheap Trick

Sounds like: Tom Petty, The Cars, The Heats


Bread & Butter cranked out their self-titled debut in a different world: 2016. It was packed it with effortless, dumb fun rock. The new album was written in the last year and so it’s called Psycho World.

The four friends who form Bread & Butter could never make a dark album. But they did make a weird one. Burning rooms and crashing planes share the pink grooves of the vinyl LP with parties and bananas. 

Before the live music scene was crushed by Covid-19, Bread & Butter played festivals like the much-missed Sasquatch, and generally serviced the sweaty, rock-loving people on the west coast of North America.

The songs on the new album build on the Cheap Trick, power pop model from the debut but with added grind and groove. The hooks are still there and the songs don’t overstay their welcome. Singer Shane Herrell’s voice still sounds like a four beer buzz. But maybe this time around, there’s a something strange in the beer?


Sick of your apartment? Escape to Psycho World! Been bagging groceries for a bunch of mouth-breathers who think masks are tyranny? Grab your passport because Psycho World is one of the few places we're still allowed to visit! See you there.

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Photo: Carlos Cruz



Click here to listen to the album on Soundcloud.

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