Fun fact: Ryan is such a hardcore Northwesterner that he likes the smell of mildew. Black mold makes him feel relaxed, yet energized.​



Fun fact: Shane can drive a stick shift car but not an automatic.



Fun fact: Lars is an expert, grandma-level cookie baker.

Bread & Butter are a Seattle band who love to fill their songs with good fun, bad fun, serious sounds, and wide smiles. 

True to their name, they keep it plain and simple. These songs will make you feel like cracking a beer and just forgetting about time.

One music journalist describes the tunes as “total day-drinking jams for sunburns, bridge jumping, light denim, forgetting to go to work… no problemo classic rock ’n’ roll.

Another journalist sums it up like this: Bread & Butter makes “music you would actually listen to.


This is a power pop group that doesn’t skimp on the pop or the power. Each song is carefully arranged, but still sounds like it's in danger of flying out of control. Like a good party!


All photos this page by Lord Fotog



Fun fact: Mason was voted one of the top-5 "Sweatiest Guys" in Seattle in 2017.

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